Worlds Cutest Haka: These boys are the youngest haka team in the world (average age 3 years old) with their powerful innovative and creative rendition of KA MATE KA MATE!!

 It is one of the most awesome sights in Rugby - the New Zealand All Blacks 'Haka' war dance, performed at the start of a match to instill fear into the hearts of their opponents.

 But now a tiny troop of adorable toddlers have been filmed performing their own version of the haka.

The iconic ritual, officially entitled 'Ka Mate', is usually seen performed by the All Blacks before Test Matches, a tradition they have kept since 1905.

The Haka dances were traditionally performed by fearsome Maori warriors before going into battle to intimidate the enemy.

They involve various synchronised actions including stamping feet, crouching, waving arms as well as contorting the face and sticking out the tongue which accompanied by a series of grunts and cries

The five youngsters stomp around, waving their arms around randomly in what has been dubbed 'The cutest Haka ever'.


Responses to " New Zealand toddlers perform adorable version of All Blacks Maori war dance "

  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesomely coolest ever

  2. Anonymous says:

    Preserving their heritage, parents should be very proud..

  3. Anonymous says:

    incredible :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful ! Keeping traditions alive..

  5. Unknown says:

    2 thumbs up

  6. Turenne says:

    This kids sure have enjoyed watching All Blacks Maori war dance! That's how they learn right? Their representation of the traditional Haka dances is indeed cute to watch. I see so much more than cuteness. It's a legacy that is ought to be nourish in their journey in the dance of life to dance their souls...

  7. Deb Shaw says:

    Aw, these cute little kids doing a haka!

  8. Alann says:

    Try and teach them a peaceful dance...

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