There is something about corgi puppies that just brings out happiness in all those around them. How couldn’t they with their perky ears and big smiles?

As the legend goes, one day two children were out in the fields tending to their family's cattle when they found a couple of puppies.

The children thought they were foxes, but recognizing something different about them, bundled them up and took them home.

Their parents immediately saw that the pups were not foxes, but dogs, and told their children that the pups were a gift from the fairies that lived in the fields.

 The children were delighted and cherished their pups. As they grew, the dogs became treasured companions and learned to help the children take care of the family's cattle.

Doing a happy dance every time you get fed isn’t necessary, but it sure is cute!

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  1. These videos are just so cute. I loved watching them :) Thanks x

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