They’re not just famous people showing off their canine friends. What’s great about these celebrity dog lovers is their passion for being animal rights activists.

It just shows that they really do care about dogs more than just being seen with them.

We know about celebrities bringing along dogs as accessories but do you know that some celebs actually do care about these lovable creatures? Celebrity dog lovers are helping in the promotion of pet adoption, no-kill animal homes, and everything for animal rights activism.

1- Sarah McLachlan Songstress Sarah McLachlan lends her song “Angel” as well as her celebrity to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals as a prominent supporter in the fight against animal cruelty. Her ties to the group are so well known that it recently inspired a send-up on Saturday Night Live.

2- Brad Pitt is a big dog lover

3- Jude Law with his dog

4- Penelope Cruz has a penchant for homeless pups. And her mother keeps complaining that she treats their house like an animal shelter. Because whenever she's in Madrid she brings home stray animals for them to take care of.

5-  Leonardo DiCaprio Raises 25 Million To Protect Animals & Plants Globally!

 6- Mickey Rourke Vows To Build Shelter For Romania’s Stray Dogs: Mickey Rourke is a huge animal lover. When times were hard for him he credited his dogs for getting him through it all. He has publicly attributed his comeback in the movies to his dogs and has describe one of his dogs as the "love of my life." He is well known as a pet lover, being particularly fond of chihuahua mix dogs. He is also a big proponent of spay/neuter. In 2007 he participated in a protest outside of a pet shop and has also done public service announcements for animal welfare.

7- Leonard Nimoy with his beloved dog, a dachshund. he syas in an interview "I was raised in a tenement neighbourhood where you couldn’t have a dog. The first time I bought a house, I bought a dog."

8- Jennifer Aniston is well known for her love of rescue dogs. Sophie is the newest member of her family.

9- Hilary Swank loves animals so much that she even works at animal adoption centers. And her adopted pals definitely get to enjoy the perks of having a famous mommy, as they travel with her everywhere and sometimes get cameos in her films.

10- Charlize Theron is well known for her love of dogs, especially rescue dogs.

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