Dog Rescued From Crevice in Santa Monica

A squirrel outfoxed a mutt that became stuck in a cliff crevice and had to be rescued by firefighters Monday afternoon, high above the beach in Santa Monica.

Smoky, the 80-pound mutt, was at the park with his owner when he spotted the swift-moving critter and chased it into some bushes.

Next thing it knew it became lodged in a crevice and had to be hoisted to safety by two Santa Monica firefighters atop a ladder.

The drama took place on a cliff at the edge of Pacific Coast Highway, and it was all caught on camera by Newschopper4.


Responses to "Daring Rescue: Firefighters Free Dog Wedged in a Cliff (Video)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Buy the way the owner acted with the Dog at the end jerking him back,, I would not be surprised if he didn't through the Dog down the cliff in the first place ...

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