Experience the captivating story "Te Ata." A production of the Chickasaw Nation, the feature film brings the Chickasaw storyteller and entertainer to life on the big screen.

 "This has been the most challenging role I have ever taken on. Te Ata had such a rich background. I have been needing to draw on my years of dancing, playing Native American flute, of singing, of storytelling, of all those different things.

At first, it was really scary, because it is a beautiful but challenging role to depict all of these different stories and really do it in an authentic way." Q’orianka said in an interview

The interesting thing about this role is I’ve used a lot of my music background. At the same time, I feel like I’m definitely going to be a woman coming out of this film—pushing the limits beyond what I had. The most important thing is really doing Te Ata’s memory justice.

Q’orianka is not only an award winning actress with high critical acclaim, but also an accomplished Singer Songwriter and committed Human Rights and environmental activist and fearless young force, who has courageously and tirelessly used her public voice and privilege of celebrity to speak out for the voiceless and many of today’s most important and relevant causes and issues.

VIDEO trailer behind the scenes

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    Q, Aunt TeAta would have been proud of you. I can tell our family was.
    Your Friend

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