Meet the cute husky puppy that's taken the internet by storm and your guaranteed cure

Meet the cute husky puppy Ramsay who sounds exactly like a baby, from laughs to gargles and back to whining.

The the pet pooch doesn't bark like a normal dog - he's got a slightly different way of communicating with his owner, who can barely stop herself from laughing.

The cute canine clearly hasn't found his real voice yet, as he attempts to communicate through a series of high pitched squeaks.

The bizarre noise, that sounds uncannily reminiscent of a gurgling baby, has the husky's owner in hysterics

Responses to "Hysterical 'talking husky' puppy who sounds just like a baby (Video)"

  1. Morgana says:

    So cute and lovely

  2. Anonymous says:

    "yo mum, put me down for a minute will ya? you're holding me too much, I wanna do ma own thang"

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