Giant Pitbull and adorable kitten play fight

Pit Bulls are often given a bad reputation for being dogs who are inherently aggressive and vicious. This has largely happened because Pit Bulls are commonly exploited in the dogfighting industry. In this industry, loyal and caring dogs are abused and trained to be violent. However, this hardly means that all Pit Bulls are naturally vicious dogs. If raised by a caring and loving guardian, these dogs have every ability to be just as sweet and docile as any other breed.

This video shows Zeus the Pit Bull and a tiny kitten playing in a way that certainly dispels any sort of “aggressive Pit Bull” myth. Although the Pit Bull is enormous compared to this little cat, we get the feeling that the cat is the one in control here!

Watching these little guys just having a good time is sure to bring a smile to your face. Not only are they proving that Pit Bulls can be playful, yet gentle, but also that dogs and cats can be BFFs.

Here’s to these guys! Play on!



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