Video: Hero dachshund helps save St. Bernard stuck in cold, muddy ditch

A dachshund named Razor rescued a St. Bernard named Jazzy.

Jazzy, a 9-year-old dog got loose from her owner, Tim Chavez, on Sunday afternoon and ended up in a cold, muddy ditch for a rough period of 18 hours.

Chavez had to go to work and couldn't pursue Jazzy right away, but his little dachshund Razor did. A passerby spotted Razor and followed the dog along an irrigation ditch where they found Jazzy stuck in the cold mud.

Eight Belen police and firefighters were soon on location and pulled the 180-pound St. Bernard out of the ditch using backboard straps and a long spine board - just as they would for a person.

Manny Garcia, Belen’s fire chief, said nothing like this has ever happened in his career, adding, “This is a great story. One I think that is very unique, and one that animal lovers across our state will love.”


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