Rescuing a homeless senior dog from a water treatment facility.

 A senior dog smelt like a sewer and looked even worse when Hope for Paws came to rescue him at a water treatment facility in Los Angeles.

A sanitation plant is an extremely dangerous place for an animal or a human, and the rescue was especially called in to help the dog and given special clearance to do so.

When you first see him, he is so dejected and defeated.

That’s why it’s so amazing to see a smile come back to his face just from getting a bath and some TLC!

Things are looking up for Mufasa (now renamed Goji). He’s about 8 years old and is currently in foster care with Lionel’s Legacy, a senior dog rescue.

You can watch "Hope for Paws" rescue video 
"Hope for Paws" is a non-profit animal rescue organization. They rescue dogs and all other animals who are suffering on the streets and in the shelters.

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