You Are Loved: Home's Best Friend

One of the moments dogs love most is when their humans come home. Whether you're away on a trip or just for an hour, your dog misses you when you're gone and is overjoyed when you walk through the door.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC created this commercial featuring real rescue dogs to highlight the special moments that happen when you come home to your dog. The ad also kicks off the "Home for Dogs Project", which aims to help find homes for 20,000 adoptable dogs in partnership with What a great initiative and the ad is so heartwarming, especially knowing all the dogs were rescue pets!

NOTE: Many of the symptoms of separation are obvious and painful for dog owners who need to go out and earn a living. An estimated four percent of America’s 55 million dogs supposedly has separation anxiety, and many dogs are relinguished to animal shelters every year for behavior problems. While some owners will try independence training, exercise and drug therapy, many experts say early and frequent socialization with other animals or living in a multi-animal home may produce a healthier dog.


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