The Elders Speak: Pointing with your Lips

Culture is defined as a structural way of thinking, behaving and working within a particular society's own beliefs, customs and ways of living. Culture for the Ojibwe can be defined in the same way.

Traditional Ojibwe people will point with their lips and not their fingers. It is thought of as impolite and not respectful to point with your finger.

izhidooneni - S/he is pointing with lips.

Ojibwe elder Nancy Jones, from Nigigoonsiminikaaning First Nation explains why we should point with our lips and not our fingers.

From town to town, country to country, nation to nation, all people share similarities and all have their own differences. Often Anishnaabeg People are asked why they do things in a certain manner. Please view the short video in helping to understand one of the Ojibwe cultural nuances.


Responses to "Why do Ojibwe people point with their lips and not their fingers (VIDEO)"

  1. perla says:

    that's an awesome story. It makes me smile because I'm Filipino and Filipinos point with their lips too. Visayans will say "ah to to o" and point with their lips (over there o). but we don't have any stories to go with it. None that I know of yet. :)

  2. MrsLee says:

    I point with my lips and not my finger so that my granny would be happy with me lol. In a word? Tradition.

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