Have A Howling Good Time

 Wolves live in diverse and changing environments. Preparation and care of pups is fairly consistent around the world as is pup development. The following timeline provides information on the development of various physical and behavioral tools that wolves have for survival.

Neonatal Period: Birth to Eyes Open (12 to 14 days) and Period of Maximal Growth

Have dark fur, rounded heads and are unable to regulate their own body temperature

Blind with closed eyes, deaf with small ears, and a “pugged” nose with little if any sense of smell but a good sense of taste and touch

Limited to a slow crawl, mainly with front legs but have a good sense of balance

Are limited to sucking and licking; can whine and yelp

Will feed four or five times a day for periods of three to five minutes

Average females gain 2.6 lbs and males 3.3 lbs per week for the next 14 weeks



Responses to "15 Photos Of Adorable Howling Wolf Pups Will Make Your Day"

  1. Adorable as usual! Thank you!

  2. schat says:

    Love wolves. Thanks, so cute.

  3. Unknown says:

    We can learn so much from the wolves.......and I feed the good wolf within me.....

  4. Unknown says:

    Ahh what sweet wonderful babies. Wolf is my Indian spirit guide

  5. Unknown says:

    Wolves are probably one of the most misunderstood creatures we have ever encountered. They hunt in packs, have families and stay together, protect one another and help keep the balance in nature. And yet they are hunted as vermin and indiscriminately slaughtered year after year because they encroach on farm land.
    Afterall, we are the ones who encroach on THEIR land. They should be left alone to allow them to be fruitful and be as one within their homeland.

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