Old English Sheepdogs Sophie, six, and four-year-old Sarah are inseparable and do everything together

From huddling together to watch a beautiful sunset, these are the inseparable sheepdog sisters whose owner documents every aspect of their lives together.

Amateur photographer Cees Bol, from Sibculo, the Netherlands, takes pictures of his dogs Sophie, six, and four-year-old Sarah every day, posting them on social media for the pets' online followers.

But instead of capturing the animals going for walks or fetching sticks, the 46-year-old and his partner Hannake snap their beloved English Sheepdogs in an adorable series of human scenarios.

And the daily images of the pets, and their friends, include trips to McDonalds, sitting at the dinner table and posing in a number of outfits.

Mr Bol said: 'The main reason I take the photos is so I can make people happy and put a smile on their face - well, Sophie and Sarah do.

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  2. loesje says:

    Brilliant pictures!!!!!

  3. Unknown says:

    Standard poodles, without the curls. lol

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