Police Blocked Off This Busy Highway So A Herd Of Deer Could Cross In Safety

In a touching show of solidarity with local wildlife, police and motorists in one Kentucky community put everything on hold this week to make sure their animal neighbors would make it home safely.

Every year around this time when the Ohio river swells near the town of Henderson, countless deer are struck and killed crossing the highway toward higher ground. This year, however, things went a little differently. On Tuesday afternoon, at the request of local wildlife rehabilitator Linda Williams, police agreed to block off the road where a large herd had gathered, allowing them to cross without danger.

It took only five minutes or so, but the difference it made for the animals was immeasurable.

"It was magical, having the community see that these deer were in a situation and the only way to help was to shut the traffic down," local wildlife rehabilitator Linda Williams said. "To have their support and the police department's support, it was really awesome. It almost made me cry."


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