Following the judge's order, the Red Cliff Treaty Natural Resources Division began working on a protection plan that aims to preserve wolves on and near the reservation.

Some of the highlights of the plan are the following:

-Declaring the Red Cliff Reservation a wolf sanctuary

-Prohibiting any hunting within a six mile "buffer" zone of the reservation should there ever be future legal harvest

-Working cooperatively with U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service to safely mitigate any human-wolf conflict issues.

"The wolf plays an important role in the ecology of the Great Lakes ecosystem," Treaty Resource Administrator for the tribe, Chad Abel, said. "That, coupled with the significance the wolf holds in Anishinaabe history and culture, makes the preservation of the animal paramount to the health of not only the Red Cliff community but all Ojibwe Bands."

In three seasons, hunters killed more than 1,500 wolves in the Great Lakes region, according to the tribe.

The tribe opposes the hunt for spiritual reasons. They also do not believe the wolf population is fully recovered.

A Celebration of the Wolf event is planned for March 26 at the Legendary Waters Convention Center.

Responses to "Chippewa Tribe Declares Itself A Wolf Sanctuary, Prohibits Wolf Hunting"

  1. Thank you, my brothers and sisters. This means a lot to so many of us. Wolf is not only my brother, he is also my Spirit Animal. When he suffers, we all suffer. Blessings.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What does future legal harvest mean??¿?? And wolves ar not harvested they are murdered by anyone who kills my bredren........i feel game hunters the takers of life with no regaurds for truth the wolf was our first friend only humans murder for fun.........and their own self greed

  3. Unknown says:

    Only this beautiful Tribe can save Wolf! Government will not listen to People or Science! WHY have Scientists? Strange! Thank You for SAVING our amazing, necessary Wolves! They are so worth it! Thank You!

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