‘When I said I wanted a fox in my bedroom this weekend, I didn’t mean literally’: Family’s shock after fox discovered sleeping in spare room

Urban foxes can usually be found roaming the streets, scampering around in a desperate search for the odd scrap of food. It's not often they venture further than rubbish bins or hedgerows and their fear of humans usually keeps them tucked away until nightfall.

However, one couple were in for an unexpected shock when they discovered one had sneaked into their home before cosying up in an upstairs bedroom. Sarah Preddy, 49, and partner Colin Linton, 55, were relaxing at their home in Romford, Essex, on Sunday when their nine-month-old chocolate Labrador, Molly, alerted them to the unusual intruder.

The pair, along with Ms Preddy’s stepsons, James, 26, and John, 24, were shocked to discover the adult fox had somehow entered their home and made its way upstairs in the dead of the night.

She said: ‘The dog jumped up off the bed and went to the bedroom door looking really distressed and making weird noise, which we thought was a bit odd. ‘My partner opened the door and Molly flew across the landing towards the spare room. We couldn’t believe it when we opened the door and saw the fox was calmly sitting in the corner on the bed.


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