I was the first Native American Performance ever at Google!! It made me feel proud to represent the people in a good way there! I'm truly blessed today!- Supaman

On March 12, Crow rapper and fancy dancer Supaman became the first Native American musician to perform at the Googleplex, world headquarters of Internet giant Google, located in Mountain View, California.

Supaman, aka Christian Parrish, has been attracting notice within and outside of Indian country ever since his performance of "Prayer Loop Song" became a YouTube sensation a year ago. He was picked up by an MTV blog and later made the list for the MTV Rebel Music: Native America extravaganza.

“It was a great honor to represent Native people in a positive way there," he told "I hope they will continue with acknowledging Native talent and just Native people in general.”

Supaman snapped several photos and some video of his day at Google, including a clip of him riding a one of the company's GBikes around the campus in fancy dance regalia—another first, he reckons. Visit @Supamanhiphop on Twitter and for more images, as well as information on his ongoing "I Rap For Change" tour.


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