Foxes are just so adorable when they are sleeping. Get ready to giggle and say 'awwww' to these cute and funny pics of sleeping foxes.

How Do Foxes Sleep?: Foxes are nocturnal mammals found on every continent except for Antarctica. Foxes are accomplished hunters for prey such as rodents and rabbits; however, they also eat fruits, vegetables and even pet food.

Foxes are very flexible in their sleeping habits, using dens for reproductive purposes instead of as sleeping shelters.

 Foxes generally do not sleep in dens unless they are females who are giving birth to or raising cubs. Female foxes seek out dens made by other animals, like rabbits or badgers, but will dig their own den if necessary.

Photographer Tim Carter 

 Foxes in the wild curl up in a ball out in the open to sleep, retaining warmth by covering themselves with their bushy tails. Foxes who live in urban areas may sleep under structures such as sheds.

Photo Credit: Mrozny

Photo Credit: Awiis

Photo Credit: Allison712

Arctic Fox

Fennec Fox (Desert Fox)- Photo Credit: Medusa Scorpion

Photo Credit: Remo Savisaar

Arctic Fox

Photo Credit: Ann Brokelman

 Photo Credit: Michael Cummings


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  1. T. Hicks says:

    Beautiful photos of such a beautiful animal.

  2. And I melted

  3. Beautiful photographs of a wonderful animal <3

  4. Anonymous says:

    Love the pictures - they r beautiful and so sweet looking

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    Hihi, the forest fairy sneaking on the sleeping fox in this one pic with the bird :-D Ahh yes: awwww, are they cute :-) Our Fox-Center had a fox-whelp in summer one could visite and I got a glimpse of him sleeping in his shelter, so cute. Of couese he felt he was looking at , so he woke up, gave us one look and curled up to sleep on ;-)

  6. How about pictures of what foxes' dreams look like? They lack the colors green and red and look a bit like a black and white movie.
    And what do foxes dream about? Food, chasing mice?

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