"Feel it, just feel it, go where your heart takes you. In humility and kindness, you will find your hearts path… Then you will discover yours." -Rick Mora

 Rick was born in a field of corn called Los Angeles but raised on a 100 acre farm with no electricity and a wood burning stove in Crescent City, California. He returned to the city at age 7. He obtained a Bachelors Degree from California State University, Northridge in communication. Acting and Modeling soon followed when he was discovered by legendary Male Super Model agent Omar Alberto.

When studying up on Native American Actor Rick Mora you will find he dedicates much of his freetime supporting causes he cares about.

"I am humbled to participate with the Heartfelt foundation, a volunteer-driven international service organization helping families in the greatest need and Hounds and Heroes supporting our Military and Wounded Warriors." says Rick.

Rick Mora is ambassador for rescued huskies at Husky Haven of LA. He spends a lot of time helping huskies. Because he really cares about animals.

3 legged husky

Responses to "Native American Actor Rick Mora Helps Abandoned Huskies To Find New Homes"

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you save the Husky dog, am looking for two but am unable to find a way to have them transported to my area because of $$$, and I live in WI, so how can one get one of the huskies that you saved

  2. Unknown says:

    Good question above. I also live in WI and am looking for one.

  3. Unknown says:

    He is so handsome and a animal lover. He is a good man and a humanitarian.

  4. 1955nurse says:

    As a long-time Husky owner, I'd like to say "Thank-you" - they are the most wonderful companions in the world - & a much overlooked breed! My Natasha is 15 yrs old, & I hope she lives many more!

  5. Unknown says:

    does this guy come with the huskies cos if so ill take them all he sure is fit.. i have 2 huskies here one a malue i rescued from Ireland and a siberian girl which i have since she was a pup...

  6. sofia says:

    I want one their so beautiful..... they look like $$$$$

  7. Anonymous says:

    awesome job keep it up they need love too

  8. Huskies are incredible creatures. But they are also a LOT of work. I have owned them for about 15 years and wouldn't dare change a thing. But it takes commitment, patience, and a deep, deep love of the breed. They are not wolves. They are not in any way wolf-like. Huskies cannot be off leash unless they have had years of training. Because once they are free, they can run for miles and miles just for the sheer joy of it. They also shed...a LOT. In clumps. And you can brush them and keep them groomed, but you will never have a home, or clothes, that are completely free of husky hair. They are loyal to a fault, never a good guard dog, and are prey driven. Please, do a lot of research before being taken in by their beauty. There are hundreds of huskies that die in CA alone each year in shelters because people got them without knowing anything about the breed. Young, healthy and beautiful huskies that are euthanized.

  9. penny sandman says:

    you are wonderful i love the photos of you and the huskies god bless you

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have ALWAYS wanted a huskie dog but I live in New Zealand and they are incredibly expensive here, that's if you can find one. I feel terrible that so many huskies are not well looked after ... I would love to have one for a pet.

  11. Michelle Melsom says:

    Siberian huskies aren't for everyone. They are NOT like any other breed, really they are more like cats. Research a breed before you get it, don't just get it because you think they are pretty, this is a very particular and difficult breed. Also thank you for helping huskies they are truly a unique and amazing breed!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Also the Siberian Husky does not look like a wolf, it is a medium sized breed with the wrong structure, Old style German shepherds have a closer body structure to wolves then huskies :P

  13. Anonymous says:

    This is a wonderful organization but huskies are a dime a dozen in our local shelters here in Wisconsin. We have had 5 all have been local rescues our current baby is only 11 months old. They are out there.

  14. Unknown says:
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  15. Unknown says:

    Yes they are beautiful. We have raised huskies most of them rescues for over 12 years and it has been the most amazing thing we have ever done. They will love you and your family but don't look to them for protection because they are not aggressive. They are NOT wolves... They will run forever so you need to be able to RUN them every day. Have a fenced in yard? I hope so and if it isn't done right they will get loose and did I mention they will run forever. They will try and probably exceed at escaping what ever you build to keep them in. Did i mention tbey will run forever..Do you mind a lot of hair in your home. At least 2 times a year they will blow their coat and you will think they are going to go bald cause there just isn't an end to it. You will have hair on your clothing all the time cause even when the are not blowing their coat they still shed. Have time to brush them daily? Good cause if not remember the blowing of the coat it will be a lot worse if you don't. And NO you can NOT shave them. You can but it isn't good for them. why? Because all that hair and under coat is what keeps them cool in the summer as well as warm in the winter and if you a have them they will over heat. Have nice furniture? You might want to down grade it so when they chew on it or do zoomies you won't mind when the stuffing goes flying out of it. Wanting a dog that you can walk off leash. Not going to happen with a husky they are never to be trusted off leash and no amount of training will change this. They will pull you for blocks before you know it. They are extremely strong dogs. They are working dogs and need to be treated as such that's when they are happiest. So of you are not willing to put 100% into your husky and they deserve all of it plus some because they return everything you do for them 10 fold. They are the most loving dogs you can own so if you are wanting one just because they are beautiful please don't get one. I am sorry if I sound rude but people need to understand a husky is not for everyone.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I love huskies to death, first of all, they do not belong in L.A, they were born to be raised in the colder climates such as Northern Canada. If I had a house with a big back yard I would totally support you.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I wish a Native would advocate for all the rez dogs that are abandoned, abused and left to fend for themselves. Drive through a rez and see hundreds of neglected is a shame and I have never understood how they are not considered sacred beings from mother earth...but, alas, they are not.

  18. Unknown says:

    Hi First I would like to Thank you for all the Dogs who you have helped. I have had dogs all my life and some of my friends are either in rescue groups, foster or run rescues for all different breeds. My question is do you work only locally or do you rescue from around the USA? Always Good to know people in the rescue community that could lend an extra hand!
    Thanks Riki

  19. Unknown says:

    love at first sight OMG

  20. Luv4Paws says:

    There are 2 that need to be rescued/adopted in Texas if anyone is interested and transportation can be figured out one way or the other.

  21. Anonymous says:

    My father had huskies on thirteen acres, he had a special fence built and they still got out...and yes the fur and exercise is extremely important that dog is not for everybody

  22. Lizz says:

    Beautiful Man...beautiful animals too!

  23. Unknown says:

    I can help, my Storm needs a friend. I'm in Northern Arizona.

  24. Manolete says:

    Huskies are a difficult breed and not for everyone. They are very aloof and hard to train. They are working dogs and need lost of exercise. Someone said they had trouble finding transport I'd look into Operation Roger. 18 wheelers that will transport dogs for a very small price.

  25. theirdre says:

    I want a Husky dog for my six year daughter. I live in Louisiana and i so want a Husky dog please help me

  26. Unknown says:

    I beg to differ regarding years of training for off leash. I did it in 10 days , or less, with plenty of 'runner risks'.

  27. There are huskies (and literally millions of other dogs) needing rescue everywhere! Husky Haven of L.A. is totally awesome; and so are most rescues. For the folks in Wi, go to
    If you want a husky just google your state and "husky rescue" and you will find loads. Or check with your local pound. As someone else here noted, they are not for everyone! Most huskies end up in the pound at 9-18 months...because they are smarter than the humans who buy them and can't figure out how to train them, so can't control a big, hairy beauty! Like children, they are always learning, so need to be given clear, positive direction. Huskies need a pack; if not other dogs, then your family: no dog should ever be forced to live outdoors, away from their pack. Remember, a dog is a 10-15 year commitment, so make sure you know what you are getting into!

  28. Riki Kellogg: Husky Haven rescues locally; there is NEVER enough space anywhere for dogs whose lives are in danger. At the end of June (2015) Husky Haven had 30-40 dogs in their rescue; at that time, they put out a plea for people to go adopt dogs from the local (high kill) shelters, where there were 135 huskies! The 4th of July always sees a big influx of dogs who have become terrified by fireworks and not properly contained by their humans, so in the days before the 4th, hellters start killing lots of dogs to make space for the ones about to come in. Then there are all the asshats who dump their dogs before going on vacation, so they don't have to pay a pet sitter or boarding; a picture posted by HH at that time showed a long line at OC hellter of people dumping dogs; first in line was a breathtaking husky. Husky Haven spent weeks not promoting their rescues, but posting pound dogs and imploring people to go adopt one...any one...No one can keep up with all the local dogs, much less take out of area dogs!!!! Here in America, we allow our "shelters" to kill 4-5 millions pets every year...meanwhile, 17 million people go buy new puppies or kittens...
    Get invloved with YOUR local pound, and volunteer to help them become No Kill:

  29. Unknown says:

    I want a Male huskie.I would prefer a white one.we live in West Virginia.

  30. We can help. Their Last Best Place. Let us know, ok? I'm also looking for a 60 year old beauty Native American man. Seeking life long commitment..

  31. Unknown says:

    I'm not surprised at all, that Rick is doing this. He's such a down to earth soul and so friendly...helping wherever he can. It takes a peaceful and loving carracter to do this.
    You're an Ace, Rick.
    And I hope now that this is supported by Rick, that ALL Husky's but also the other races get a Loving and safe home. Good Luck to everyone who's fighting for them. Big Hug.

  32. Rob says:

    Looking to a adopt a young husky or malamute. I have had experience with the breed.
    Just one thing needs to be cat friendly.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I love someone that fights for the rights of husky's and other animals. I'm also a animal lover. I hate to see any animal hurt or in pain.

  34. Unknown says:

    I am a breed rescue for Siberians in New England since 2004. While I thank you for your help - especially in CS - what we really need to address the laws in every state around the neutering and spaying of all pets. There are NOT enough qualified homes to adequately address the needs of pets in the U.S. We need to STOP BREEDING for a few years and find homes for the dogs that are in the shelters. Please be an advocate to change laws to STOP BREEDING for a few years.

  35. Unknown says:

    We would love to adopt! How do i contact you?

  36. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful man, inside and out. Love this.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Annie Watches for Owls says:
    Rick Mora, you as beautiful a human being as you are handsome. The great spirit will bless you for treating these wonderful creatures as brothers and sisters (which they are).

  38. Unknown says:

    I could be your rescue too.
    Save me pleeeeaaaasssse.❤

  39. I would love to adopt a husky I love the breed they are beautiful and very loyal dogs, would love to have one on my home.

  40. With all respect to Rick Mora, those photos (and the poses) speak more of publicity for him, though the huskies are indeed also good to look at.

  41. Anonymous says:

    The dogs are GORGEOUS but the man is plain HOT!

  42. ChrisL says:

    In response to criticism of Rick Mora, I would say that his star appeal works better than my old, fat face on social media pleading for help for animals and vets.
    Many kudos to Mr. Mora for his work.
    Huskies changed my life. Back in 2008, I went to someone's house with my mother just to humor her; with no intention of bringing home an animal. I left with a senior female named Shasta, and now I can't imagine life without these crazy furballs. Shasta passed on in 2014, but now I have two more females and a male that someone abandoned, chained to a tree. How awful humans can be.
    Continue the good work, everyone who can. If you can't, ask for help.

  43. Unknown says:

    beautiful man inside & out ... keep up the amazing work :)

  44. Maz27 says:

    BZ for your action. Please don't let them go to just anyone, money disregarding.
    This breed is like no other dog. They use logic & intelligence plus require specific care & diet too.
    Wheat gluten and uncooked grain free. Higher protein. Regular thorough grooming. And investment in time re training, stimulation and exercise. I have three huskyxmalamutes.
    Maz x
    Why don't you keep them.. you'll never regret it.
    Oh, and get a shark vacuum & lint rollers too lol. ������

  45. Unknown says:

    I run Husky Rescue KZN in Durban South Africa. Thank you Rick for what you are doing for this breed. If you ever visit South Africa come and say hello!

  46. Unknown says:

    I would like to know if the husky would be a great Service dog if trained? My grandson is 6 years old and is an epileptic, asthmatic and stops breathing at times. I need to find a great dog to train to alert and be raised with Braxton. Please let me know. Thank you. Rabbitluv2000@

  47. Hi Rick I'm a professional freelance cameraman in Seattle also join my Facebook page called Craig Yahne i had a wolf hybrid named "Ruby" she was the most passive loving dog I have ever owned I'm on Facebook and have posted many photos there of her and me feel free to friend me up we started a sasquatch research group and were going out on a lot of hikes and she was doing great until the last few months she was gaining weight and not eating much I took her in and found out she had lymph node cancer it has broken my heart that I have lost her yesterday to caner I had to put her down I tried CBD oil and fresh salmon all the organics I did everything to save her but it was to late if you come across any females I'm looking for another puppy 8 weeks and up please feel free to contact me I would love to meet up with you if you are still helping rescue dogs I would appreciate your help also If you are still acting we could might need your help in the production of my film Sasquatch is in the Pacific North West. best always Namaste my brother I also have Facebook page called Pacific North West Sasquatch Research Group please join us

  48. How can I get one?..... ������.. I live in Africa/Namibia. I love huskeys

  49. Anonymous says:

    Love what u are doing! Ur a hero!! .❤🐾💋

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