Slow and steady! Herbert the tortoise stays true to age-old fable and beats rabbit in pet shop race

The age-old proverb states that slow and steady wins the race, and a tortoise proved that to be true once again when it beat a rabbit which one would expect to come out on top.

Filmed at the Paws and Claws Pet Store in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, the video presents the two competitors lined up against each other as a woman shouts ‘go’.

Moving from their mark, the Russian tortoise named Herbert immediately gets its head down and begins walking in the correct direction. The dwarf bunny named Sven on the other hand becomes instantly distracted and hops off to the right.

Giving the rabbit a helping hand, a woman redirects it back onto the correct path and actually puts it into the lead.

Checking out the tortoise, the rabbit begins sniffing at its shell and the surrounding women can be heard laughing.


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