Affectionate jaguar just wants cuddles as it is bottle-fed milk at Brazilian rescue center

A Polish lady was bestowed the enviable opportunity of bottle feeding one of the largest and perhaps most majestic felines in the world – the jaguar. The woman known only as Goska, has spent some time volunteering at Criadouro Onça Pintada in Brazil and has mixed with a number of exotic animals while there.

Among them was one-year-old rescued jaguar, Perseu who was captured on video being bottle-fed by the Polish volunteer, while at the Jaguar Breeding Project. Standing in a doorway, Goska holds a bottle for the large feline, who drinks from it with great enthusiasm.

The volunteer holds the jaguar around the neck and gives it cuddles as it sucks the contents from the bottle before seamlessly moving onto another one. Later in the video, Goska is recorded in another location feeding the jaguar – she leans in and gives it a kiss on the head on this occasion.

Goska said: ‘During my volunteer at Criadouro Onca Pintada, Jaguar Breeding Project in Brazil I had the amazing opportunity to bottle feed one-year-old jaguar, Perseu. ‘I also played, cuddled and kissed him. With time he became my good friend.’The Jaguar Breeding Project is run by the Association for the Research and Conservation of the Wildlife and participates in the preservation and perpetuation of Brazilian wildlife, fauna and flora.


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