They may not be much of a match in terms of size - but that proved no obstacle for the budding friendship between this tiny kitten and the Dalmatian who towers over him.

Uno, just three weeks old, and Louie, a full-grown dog, were together at home in Spokane, Washington, earlier this month.

The clip begins with one of the Pogue family, who recently adopted Uno, tentatively holding him before the two pets are introduced.

After carefully saying hello to Louie's left forepaw, Uno climbs over and settle down between the huge canine's front legs. Louie then shifts his position, giving Uno the chance to nuzzle and lick his neck, before settling down underneath one of his floppy ears.

After Uno noses his way forward so the two creatures' faces are side by side, Louie turns his head and nuzzle his new companion lovingly.

Throughout the exchange Louie's mother, whom the family adopted at the same time as the kitten, looks on approvingly.

According to the Pogue family, their dog has a great track record with kittens. When they have adopted young animals previously, a hug with the Dalmatian has been a rite of passage as they join the family.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Adorable! But mama's not looking real thrilled with getting ignored.

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