With arms opened wide and a slight hint of a frown, the leader of this group of raccoons seems to be warning their saviours to keep back as they are rescued after an overnight stay in a dumpster.

 But the raccoon behind him isn't quite so confident, putting its paws protectively around a smaller raccoon as it inspects the human who will get them out.

These adorable photos were taken in Albany, New York, after resident Danique Peynado went to take the rubbish out with her boyfriend. The raccoons emerged blinking in the morning sunshine and then fled, probably to the next garbage bin.

Dumpsters are a popular source of food for raccoons, who tend not to think before they leap, and who are usually able to climb onto rubbish to get out once they have eaten enough.

But when the dumpster has recently been emptied, as this one had, there is nothing to climb onto - let alone eat - and the scavengers are stuck until a kind-hearted human comes and helps them out.

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