(Daily Cute) Fox cubs playing on a trampoline.

Watch what happens when this joyous fox kits discover a trampoline for the first time. It has been said that one of the signs of an intelligent species is its penchant for playing. And just like their canine cousins, clever foxes love jumping on trampolines.

Two playful foxes found a literal pick-me-up when they discovered the joys of fun on a trampoline. The cute critters wrestle and bounce their hearts out on the backyard toy, and all the fun was caught on video. Check out the clip to witness the prime fox playtime for yourself.

Foxes aren't dangerous to humans, notes The Humane Society of the United States, unless they are rabid, carry tapeworm or are caught and handled. Foxes can pose a threat to kittens or other small pets, but they are also sometimes "blamed for damage they never caused," according to the organization.


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