Watch the amazing moment that a baby elephant collapses on a busy road - and the herd comes to its rescue

When a baby falls over, it instinct to help them back up on to their feet.

And when a young elephant stumbled while crossing a busy road in South Africa, it was no surprise that its herd invaded the road to stop the traffic and came to rescue the stricken calf.

The amazing moment was captured on film after the baby elephant appeared to collapse in the middle of a road in the Kruger National Park forcing the traffic to stop.The young animal then tried their best to get back on their feet but struggled and ended up lying flat on the pavement.

But rather than leaving the baby abandoned on the road, several larger elephants then appeared and tried to coax the youngster up by pushing them with their trunks and feet.

And thanks to their persistent efforts to encourage the baby, the animal eventually made it on to their feet and wandered off into the safety of the forest.


Responses to "Elephants Rescue Baby Who Lies Down On A Busy Highway (Video)"

  1. bmfilip says:

    I think it is so amazing how the elephants run to the aid of each other when in trouble. How the momma elephant & sibling made sure to get the baby up out of the road. They are such beautiful & amazing animals. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Carole says:

    Beautiful story, people should be so kind.

  3. Unknown says:

    Such an awesome sight to see and wonderful how protective these majestic animals are humans should learn from this

  4. Unknown says:

    Very beautiful and touching..

  5. Unknown says:

    If only all humans could see this and realize that elephants are intelligent, emotional, and loyal beings. Perhaps that would help them stop poaching them.

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