Fatherhood Is Sacred

“The family is at the heart of the Native American cultures. Fathers are the greatest untapped resource to help solve issues that many families and communities face. There is an immediate need to bring fathers back to their innate leadership role as fathers as established by our fore fathers.

Research tells us that children thrive and develop to the best of their abilities when the adult in their lives are doing well. For Native American children, there is an additional layer of historical trauma that can interfere with children’s emotional and intellectual development.

In 1980, Native adolescents from 24 different states participated in a study that examined thei perceptions of their fathers; researchers found clear evidence that Native adolescents want their fathers to become more involved in their parenting role.

"I see people with their children. It’s inspirational to see fathers with their children. You very rarely see fathers in their children’s see the mother all the time, but not the father. You want to teach him something—Teach him our culture and don’t take him down the wrong path." A Native Father

Geronimo & Eva Geronimo, his youngest daughter - Chiricahua Apache

Shoshone father and daughter - circa 1910

Allakariallak and his son, Phillipoosie - Inuit - 1921

Portrait of Chief Sitting Bull his Mother and his Daughter Holding Child

Chief Joseph and family, c. 1880

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    Some beautiful pictures, it always breaks my heart to see the sadness on the staged old pictures, the wrongness of making them wear white man clothes.

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    Tino ataahua nga pikitia. Nga mihi..Aotearoa

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    Very touching pictures of a fathers love

  5. Absolutely inspiring

  6. The beauty of engagement in fatherhood!

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    just beautiful

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    Hooray for Native daddying!
    Inspiring and elegant.

  10. love them

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    such a wonderful expression in their faces

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