This is the adorable moment two baby bears were caught wrestling at Yosemite National Park.

The black cubs - one of which appears to be slightly older than the other - were captured brawling in the middle of a road at Hetch Hetchy Valley in the east-central California park by stunned tourists.

At first, the footage shows them rolling around on the ground, trying to grab each other's heads. Seconds later, they can be seen rising on to their tiny hind legs and hitting and biting each other.

All the while, their mother stands under a tree, chewing grass, just meters away from the road. 'That is the cutest,' one woman can be heard saying, as the camera pans to focus on the bigger bear.

The camera then returns to the bear cubs, one of which is trying to grab its sibling's leg. They continue wrestling for a few more seconds, before stopping and staring at the watching tourists.

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