Labrador and chameleon who eat, play and sleep together make unlikely best pals

Despite the giant size difference between Winston, a six-year-old yellow lab, and one-year-old lizard Kammer they are completely inseparable.

Whether it’s eating meals out of bowls next to each other or playing in the garden together, the pet pals can’t be separated.With one giant mouth wolfing down dog food and the other catching worms with its sticky tongue, they couldn’t be much more different.

However, even when they’re not awake they can’t be kept apart, with Kammer often taking naps either on or next to Winston’s big head.

Owner Scott Crawford documents all their adorable escapades together on film.Scott, 44, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, said: “You just can’t keep them away from each other. “Despite their different sizes – and the fact they have free reign in the house – they are just so natural together.

“They eat meals together, take naps next to each other and just like relaxing in the sun too.”

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  1. Unknown says:

    Several ( really nice photos ) does not really prove that they are BEST PALS and do EVERYTHING together....it proves that the photographer can get Animals to pose really good ! Great photos!

  2. this is too cute for woids :)

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