Ever wondered what 800 goats charging downhill looks like? Breathtaking footage shows dusty stampede near UC Berkeley

When you need firefighters stat, who are you going to call? A huge herd of goats, apparently. California institution recently sent hundreds of goats to help reduce the risk of a fire on its grounds, Fox40 reported.

The goats are sent to graze outside, thereby cutting down the grass to keep it from catching fire. Who needs a lawn service when you have hundreds of goats, right?

A YouTube video captured the goats stampeding across the road, gleefully headed to save the day. It was a pretty amazing sight.

The best part of the whole situation was the crossing guard, who tried to help ... but then figured he'd just let the goats take the lead on this one.

The goats are provided by a local family business, Goats R Us, which also sends a herder to manage the flock.

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