'She was born on Valentine's Day in 2013 in a hoarder house in a small town, and was quickly picked up by a rescue society.'

 Her owners wrote occasionally Matilda had a 'squinty eye.' 'Shortly after her first birthday, her right pupil became enlarged and stayed that way for several minutes,' they said on Matilda's website.

Matilda was taken to veterinarians on several occasions and was eventually diagnosed with feline leukemia, her owners said. However, the 'servants' said they decided to contact her rescue society.

Her family says that as Matilda's eyes have slowly gotten bigger since the lens detachment diagnosis, but the reason why isn't known. The family claims to be in regular contact with the cat's veterinary eye specialist, but that they too are stumped about its cause.

For now, Matilda's family can only watch and wait, hoping an answer will emerge about her condition and what can be done to ensure she stays healthy. Still, they're accepting of the fact that if her eyes don't stabilize before then, Matilda will likely have to undergo surgery to have them removed, writing on Matilda's site:

"The eyes are obviously enlarged, and while her last check-up suggested regular pressure levels, common sense seems to say that they can only grow so big before something has to give."



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  1. Anonymous says:

    precious kitty - my granddaughter has kitty whose eyes were deformed - and he was blind - her mom's friend paid $3,000 for corrective eye surgery - he is still blind in one eye but can see out of the other one a little bit - the 3rd eyelids were some how attached to the eyes so his eyes would not open - he is a happy kitty

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