Native actor Gerald Auger talks about the importance of star beings to Woodland Cree Nation

Native actor Gerald Auger, recipient of the Native Role Model Award from the Governor General of Canada and an outstanding actor with roles in leading films in Hollywood and Canada, including working with director Stephen Spielberg, has stated in that “Star Beings – representatives of Extraterrestrial civilizations - have an important role in humanity’s future. I have interacted with Star Beings since I was 13.” Gerald Auger’s remarks came in an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre.

The 2008 National Film Board of Canada documentary “Honour Thy Father” that tells the story of Auger’s conflict with the Anglican Church (which refused his late father to have a traditional native funeral), and won Best Film Representing Cultural Diversity at the Alberta Motion Picture Industry Awards in 2009.

Star Beings and Native Sacred Ceremony

In his ExopoliticsTV interview, Gerald Auger discusses the sacred relationship between Star Beings and his Woodland Cree nation, which his community can access through sacred ceremony. He distinguishes between negative entities who can manipulate and oppress humanity and spiritually advanced Star Beings who are here for humanity’s evolution saying, “Light has won the battle.”

Between Hollywood and his Woodland Cree nation Gerald Auger is active in his Northern Alberta, Canada Cree community and teaches in programs for challenged youth. Many in his community have asked him to run for Chief of his community.

His active acting career has included “a lead role in the 2002 National Geographic IMAX-production Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West, and the next year he played Crow Hunter in an episode of the four-part Hallmark Entertainment TV miniseries Dreamkeeper.

“In 2005 Auger had the supporting lead of Soaring Eagle in the first episode of the Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks-produced six-part miniseries Into the West; in 2006 he completed the film Klatsassin with Stan Douglas; and in 2007 he was cast as Chief Ambrose McQuinna in the CTV-produced Luna: Spirit of The Whale with Adam Beach, Graham Greene, Tantoo Cardinal and Jason Priestley of Beverly Hills, 90210. (Source)


Native actor Gerald Auger: "Star Beings have an... par exopoliticsTV
Please Note: The Cree people believe that they arrived on earth from the stars, as spirits, and then became human beings. (Cree creation story )

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