No matter how big you get, it's impossible to outgrow the love of a good lullaby. Just ask Faa Mai.

At 6 years old, Faa Mai is just about on the eve of adulthood, but the happy elephant still enjoys nothing more than hearing the soothing sound of her favorite human singing a sweet little song to her as she slips off to sleep.

Born on the grounds of Elephant Nature Park, a safe haven for pachyderms in Thailand, Faa Mai has forged a close bond with sanctuary founder Lek Chailet, whose dedication to improving the lives of elephants is as touching as the simple music that she sings.

"The relationship between Faa Mai and Lek can show you that animals and human[s] are not different," writes the sanctuary. "Once we give love, definitely we can get love as well."

When all has gone dark and quiet at night, the world can seem a cold, scary place — but there's nothing like the comfort of a gentle song to cozy a sleepy soul, no matter who the listener might be.


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    She is an earth angel much love

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