Albuquerque boy saves puppies dumped in a trash bag (Video)

 Thirteen-year-old Jonathon Flatt was on his way to catch the bus to school when something else caught his attention — the rustling of a garbage bag nearby. Stopping to investigate, Jonathon discovered a bag hidden in the tall grass at the edge of a field in Southwest Albuquerque ... with six newborn puppies inside.

"They were starving," Jonathon told local outlet KRQE. He immediately called his mother, Jamie Flatt, who rushed over to help him. The puppies were hungry, scared and covered in ticks.

So the Flatts took the little pups home and gave them the care they needed. And, though it took them a few days to get comfortable in what was probably their first home, the Flatts won the puppies over. Jonathon saved these puppies' lives just by stopping investigate a strange noise — but he also learned a sad lesson about the cruelty of his fellow humans.

"There's a pound right over there, they shouldn't have just abandoned them to die," Jonathon told KRQE. "It's sick." The Flatts plan to care for the puppies until they're old enough to find forever homes. And Jonathon has even bigger plans — now he wants to become a veterinarian when he grows up.

Responses to "Newborn Puppies Abandoned In Garbage Bag Found By Very Young Hero "

  1. dynah says:

    I hope he never loses that desire to become a vet and has the financial means to arrive at that goal!

  2. Unknown says:

    That is my son in the above video....I assure you we will make sure he gets to go to vet school. He is such an amazing boy. I feel blessed every day! Thank you for sharing our story. Rosie just turned a year old, and we adopted her into our "pack"

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