Kick off your week with Wolf Conservation Center’s ambassador wolf Atka via live webcam

Atka is a captive-born Arctic gray wolf (Canis lupus arctos), the northernmost occurring subspecies of gray wolf in North America. Born on May 17, 2002, he is a veteran member of the WCC's Ambassador team.

As an Ambassador wolf, Atka lives on exhibit where he can "teach" WCC visitors about the importance of his wild counterparts. Although Atka is not the only Ambassador wolf that calls the WCC home, he is by far the best “wolf teacher.”

Atka is the only wolf who enjoys traveling with WCC staff to help extend our education programming far beyond the boundaries of our facility in South Salem, NY. Atka embraces new faces and places making him a great educator and unlike most wolves. (Source)

You never know, Atka may be in your neck of the woods soon!


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