Native American models and actors: much more than pretty faces

1- Martin Sensmeier is more than a model, he is an advocate for some wonderful causes, an entertainer and an amazing individual in general.

Martin Sensmeier is from the Tlingit and Koyukon-Athabascan tribes of Alaska. He was raised in a Tlingit Coastal Community in Southeast Alaska and grew up learning and participating in the traditions of his people, while carrying on the subsistence lifestyle that has been sustained for thousands of years.

He is an ambassador for Native Wellness Institute and advocates for wellness amongst Native people of all Nations.


2- Michael Spears: Michael Spears (born December 28, 1977) is an American actor. He is a member of the Kul Wicasa Oyate Lakota (often called "Sioux") Lower Brulรฉ Tribe of South Dakota. Spears's film credits include a major role as the character Dog Star in the 2005 Steven Spielberg-produced cable mini-series, Into the West, which aired on TNT. His debut role as the child character Otter, in the Academy-Award-winning 1990 film Dances with Wolves, also earned him national notice at thirteen years old. By the age of 17, Spears had acted in both TV and film with other actors, including Kevin Costner, Jimmy Smits and Kim Delaney.

3- Adam Beach (born November 11, 1972) is a Canadian First Nations actor. He is best known for his roles as Victor in Smoke Signals, Tommy in Walker, Texas Ranger, Kickin' Wing in Joe Dirt, U.S. Marine Corporal Ira Hayes in Flags of Our Fathers, Private Ben Yahzee in Windtalkers, Dr. Charles Eastman (Ohiyesa) in Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Chester Lake in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Officer Jim Chee in the film adaptations of Skinwalkers, Coyote Waits, and A Thief of Time. He is currently starring in Arctic Air.

4- Rick Mora Rick was born in LA and until the age of 7 lived on a farm with no electricity and only a wood burning stove. He returned to civilization (his words) at age 7 and later obtained his BA from California state university.

5- Michael Greyeyes (born June 4, 1967) is a Canadian actor, director, and educator. He is Plains Cree from the Muskeg Lake First Nation in Saskatchewan. His father was from the Muskeg Lake First Nation and his mother was from the Sweetgrass First Nation, both located in Saskatchewan. His acting career began with a role in TNT “Geronimo” in 1993, and blossomed in numerous shows. He also co-hosted the 1999 Aboriginal Achievement Awards.

6- David Midthunder is from Fort Peck Indian Reservation Montana enrolled Tribal Member. He´s Hunkpapa Lakota, Hudeshabina Nakoda & Sissiton Dakota. He is a very impressive actor and has been involved in many film productions and series such as Comanche Moon ( as Famous shoes ) and Into the West ( White Crow ).

Responses to "6 Beautiful Native Men Who Are Proud Of Their Culture"

  1. I recognize some from movies. They are beautiful not just in body but spirit as well.

  2. Unknown says:

    beautiful people

  3. Anonymous says:

    God, what awesome people. And to think that the palefaces just obliterated a people and the land that we invaded. So sad.

  4. And here's one more , for me the most beautiful one I ever saw in my life !!!!!

  5. makes me.very proud of my Kickapoo/Blackfoot Nation Heritage. My the Great Spirit Bless them and Jumlin the Great Vampire Spirit Guard and Protect all of them forever and ever.

  6. Anonymous says:

    They are all gorgeous beautiful men.......

  7. Unknown says:

    Such a handsome lot of men I bet both inside & out. Great to know they are still keeping their culture alive

  8. Unknown says:

    Very nice.

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Bobbi says:

    Moses Brings Plenty

  11. Unknown says:

    I'm trying to contact a gal by the name of Sandy Sundown, her dad worked at Cowboy City in Monmouth co. back in the 60's, I went to school with her in Ardena school, near Farmingdale and Freehold. I always wondered what happened to her and her family, they couldn't find housing and went back to NY and I never heard from her again. She would be in her 60's now.

  12. Mimi says:

    Beautiful men, beautiful souls.

  13. Unknown says:

    beautiful souls and men

  14. Anonymous says:

    True power.

  15. LaNea Avila says:

    They are a beautiful people, period. I love their culture and their beliefs I would go out with any Native American men.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Why isn't Moses Brings Plenty on that list? He should be!

  17. No Brings Plenty should have been on this list.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Very sexy men woohoo xx

  19. Ruby Brown says:

    All are beautiful, handsome, courageous young men who are an asset to their culture. May the Great Spirit continue to be with you and guide and guard you until the great homecoming in the sky by and by.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Strength of the spirit through to the soul, indigenous people rock'n'rule.

  21. geekswidow says:

    i'm proud to have native American blood in my veins...I hate movies and tv shows who use white men and make them up to look like native grandfather and great uncle told me much about my heritage and I've been looking for ways to find all the necessary information to join my tribe...

  22. Anonymous says:

    makes me proud of my native 9 tribes....and totally ashamed and insulted of my white side. this land was not Lost as the whites claimed. It and Us were just unknown to them. They were spreading like a plague and so they tried to commit genocide on us but we are part of nature and so we are still here like a forest after a fire. They are like a cancer wreaking death and destruction in their wake. When the cure for cancer is found, they and the disease will both end in eradication. a'ho vent is done.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Handsome and talented Native Warriors! Had an opportunity to meet some and worked as an extra with Michael Greyeyes in the TNT movie, "Geronimo," and he is a very humble and spiritual individual who is a great role model in Indian Country. Thank you for sharing... Sandra Rambler-San Carlos Apache-Arizona

  24. They all carry the Red Path well , as any one can see the spirit and soul runs through their eyes,I am glad to be Cherokee/Irish of the wolf clan !

  25. elliebeth says:


  26. Unknown says:

    Always be proud. I wish I knew more about my Indian heritage. You are AMAZING♡♡♡♡

  27. Donna says:

    Rodney Grant should be on this list. Yes, he is older than most of these, but still... who could EVER forget him in Dances With Wolves?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Bravery, Strength and Naturally oh So Many Beautiful Souls I see...Breathtaking Photos!

  29. Anonymous says:

    I think Native men are the sex's men USA.

  30. Anonymous says:

    The native people should be ruling this nation! Things would be a lot different! My great grandfather's last name was Greatwaters but it got shortened to just Waters.Probably back in his day it wasn't cool to be an "Indian"! Even though I'm blonde as blonde can be I'm proud of my native heritage. In memory of my dear friend Richard Redbow. Miss you like crazy. Doe

  31. Unknown says:

    ~Actualy there's 7~

  32. I have ALWAYS seen Aboriginal men with long hair - as simply sexy! They are even sexy with grey hair. They are simply GORGEOUS!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to my breakfast table!

  34. Anonymous says:

    im a native indian or part of one my grandmas mother was full indian but i do not know from which tribe so im dumbfounded . but i admire the culture and love you all

  35. Unknown says:

    absolutely amazing ๐Ÿ˜Š

  36. Beauteous.

  37. Pics 5 and 6 are of Adam Beach one of my favorite actors! I'd know him anywhere!

  38. Anonymous says:

    What amazing handsome men, if only I was a good few years younger, I wouldn't mind getting to know them better

  39. Anonymous says:

    Graham Greene should have been on the list....what a talent and credit to the native American heritage.

  40. Anonymous says:


  41. Anonymous says:

    They and their culture have always amazed me. I had an apache BF for a time,but he left,he is truely a free spirit that cannot settle down. It's sad his whole family are passing on. His mother is pure Navajo,his father Apache for Geronimos blood line. He didn't know why even as a child he would get up and run, he said he loved the way his hair made a sound and would sway back and forth on his back. I told him it's your Apache blood line. His grandfather and great never got their Native Number and rights saying we will work like all white people we don't want free money from them. So he wanders and works hard. Much harder than any man I have known. He has remained a friend to this day. But like most Natives he is very unemotional,they keep most of their emotions inside. I am very emotional,and show it, that's is why it didn't work. But I don't think all Natives are like this. These men above are both handsome inside and out. My favorite movie along with Dances With Wolves is Last of the Dogmen.I would go back!!

  42. Anonymous says:

    I have 5 tribes blood running threw my veins and very proud of it. I think all Native American People are beautiful.

  43. Beautiful people, heart, mind, body, soul.

  44. maggspie says:

    very proud of my Native Canadian Brothers!!!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Bella umanitร . ......

  46. Ooooo....Kkkaaaayyyy!!! Uhmmmm....thank you for the enlightening, informative visuals of your culture and heritage. Really! Thank you soooooo much!

  47. they are all very sexy, an even sexier being natives and being proud of who they are!!!

  48. Caroline says:

    Really powerfully handsome....I wonder why we don't see some any Native men on the Catwalk. I have always loved very long straight hair on sexy!

  49. Caroline says:

    Really powerfully handsome....I wonder why we don't see some any Native men on the Catwalk. I have always loved very long straight hair on sexy!

  50. twilder says:

    What about Eric Schweig??? He should be on this list also, he is a wonderful Artist and also actor. He is from the same tribe as Martin Sensmeier, he was in Last of the Mohicans.

  51. Dee Bratton says:

    I can see their spirit and souls through their eyes...It's wonderful to see them keeping their heritage alive...I hope that they don't think all whites are evil...I live for the Native spirituality ....It gives me peace and serenity...I have an oil painting that tells me what Grandfather should look like and I cherish it so much...I talk to Him every day and he comforts me...Thank-you for sharing....

  52. Unknown says:

    David Midthunder looks a bit like Steven Tyler

  53. Unknown says:

    It is my life long dream to see & meet native people from US. They are the most rich in heritage, culture, spirituality! Such a smart people... not mentioning that they are so beautiful as well

  54. Unknown says:

    Very handsome!! Love the culture ๐Ÿ˜

  55. Unknown says:

    I have always think that all Native American Indian are beautiful!!... (:♡♡

  56. Unknown says:

    Proud of my friend Martin, and the pride they carry for themselves. Awesome people

  57. Anonymous says:

    I was native in my previous life.
    Natives are such amazing people, 99% of them dont forget their people even if they get into fake hollywood where most people forget where they came from. Theyre all into helping the First Nations, its so amazing. No wonder they are the eldest races on Earth, the older a dna the more close to nature and community oriented they are.
    They are the 'civilized' ones.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Where's Jay Tavare?

  59. Hariata Sorenson says:

    They are more than handsome faces..they have an identity
    Abrain.A Prestige A Dignity...they have ethos to th universe and th cosmos.they identify with nature be it bird wolf bufflo forna or fora...they hav a Mountain River Sea Lakes tht they first nation people..they adhere to th seasons wind rain an fire..they are creation ..they are destined ..they Have WORTH

  60. Unknown says:


  61. Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous men

  62. Erica says:

    Gorgeous men especially the first one

  63. Unknown says:


  64. Anonymous says:

    I'm always fascinated by their culture (and them of course).

  65. Revco 25 says:

    They should make a calendar ❤️

  66. says:


  67. Maja says:

    So beautiful and proud <3

  68. I grew up with lots of Hollywood Indians, but will never forget Jay Silverheels, also known as Tonto, in the Lone Ranger. That definitely goes back to the prehistoric era of TV, but he was way ahead of the other Cowboy and Indian movies of the day. Even before spaghetti westerns, the pace was being set. All in the wrong direction, at the time. Jeff Chandler was "Cochise". Thankfully, Hollywood is now neutral grounds in the industry, and has learned to pay respect to our beautiful Native Americans.

  69. Unknown says:


  70. Unknown says:

    You are so sexy

  71. Anonymous says:

    Need more. Indians terre haute Indiana lot 23

  72. Anonymous says:

    They are all very handsome. Thamks for the peek.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Handsome men and extremely photogenic!

  74. Anonymous says:

    I would like to find my true love out indian
    Without trouble and that be so special to me in my lifetime say yes please ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿค๐Ÿ’™

  75. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful in and out

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