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Tazo the dog hasn’t always had it easy in life. This little pup suffered from a catastrophic spinal injury and his guardian was not able to have him treated for it.

As a result, Tazo’s hind legs were rendered completely non-functional. Despite his disability, however, Tazo was just as happy and energetic as any other dog!But there’s a powerful stigma attached to special needs animals. The stigma is so strong that Tazo would’ve ended up euthanized right off the bat at a typical shelter.

Luckily, some animal shelters like Animal Haven are able to see through the disability and into the quirky personalities that each animal has.

Thanks to Animal Haven, Tazo has a wheelchair that lets him run around just as much as any other dog. In addition to that, he also sees a water aerobics instructor to help strengthen his hind legs!


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