Gordon Buchanan travels to the remote Canadian Arctic in search of wolves that have never seen people.

 The cutest sequence showed three pups practising howling. Each would hesitatingly raise its snout skywards before essaying a mournful cry, a baby Wolf of Wail Street.

Wildlife shows constantly seek new thrills, greater authenticity and deeper understanding. Buchanan succeeded on all these fronts. This wasn’t reality TV play-acting. Wolves don’t misbehave for the camera, they just misbehave full-time.

The characterisation of each pack member is not only endearing but also appropriate for the tone of the show. By introducing us to alpha female and new mother ‘Luna’, alpha male ‘Romulus’ and the “troublesome teen” ‘Scruffy’, Buchanan provides us with a basic insight into how the pack functions, allowing for some general education that balances nicely with the show’s varied cute, terrifying, and funny moments.

The footage of the yearling wolves cleverly dismantling Buchanan’s electric fence and stealing his equipment was enjoyable to see, as was the moment that Buchanan realised he had been accepted into the wolves’ circle – when they had urinated on all of his belongings.


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