A farmer who gave three orphaned fox cubs a children's toy was shocked when the youngsters welcomed the cuddly animal as their surrogate mother.

The father of two found the trio whimpering and shivering at the bottom of his garden in a hole under his shed.

With no sign of their parents, he brought the starving cubs into his family home and gave them a stuffed fox belonging to his three-year-old daughter.The cubs immediately bonded with the furry toy and have been inseparable from their new 'mum', even refusing to go to sleep at night without it in their basket.

The farmer, from Epsom, in Surrey, insisted on giving staff at Wildlife Aid, in Leatherhead, the toy when he gave them the cubs to be released back into the wild.

Since they were found last month the cubs have gained weight and even try to offer food to their new mum, who has been named Flo, after the red head singer, Florence Welch.

Founder of the rescue centre Simon Cowell said: 'We were quite surprised at first that a farmer would try and save the lives of three little foxes.

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    Owww, thank God for the farmer's kindness.

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