A heart-warming image of an orphaned kangaroo named Doodlebug cuddling a golden teddy bear has taken social media by storm.

Tim Beshara, an adviser to Greens senator for Tasmania Peter Whish-Wilson, tweeted the photo of the eastern-grey kangaroo on Wednesday, explaining his wildlife caretaker mother took it from her home in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales.

'I figured it would be shared in Australia but I've been shocked to see the image reaching as far as Brazil and Russia. I've even had American morning shows using it on air.'

Beshara's mother Gillian discovered the orphaned animals responded well to teddy bears that she hung around the yard.

'They seem to respond to the toys much in the same way as a toddler. They treat it as a companion.'

'She has since nursed it back to health and it is now hopping around the forest and coming back for the occasional feeding or cuddle, as the image shows.'


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    That is so cute.

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