This video shows how a Lioness and her Cub interact while crossing a road in Kruger National Park, South Africa.This took place on the Way from Crocodile Bridge to Malelane Gate.

A Lioness give birth 3.5 months after conception and give birth up to 4 cubs at a time although litters of 2 or 3 are more common. Often the first sign that a lioness has given birth are large stains around her nipples.

Mothers of young cubs spend most of their time away from the pride, although they may join their companions for brief periods. Cubs are usually hidden in dense bush for approximately six weeks, when they are old enough to join the pride.

During the six weeks the cubs rely entirely on their mother looking after them and feeding on their mothers milk.Cubs begin eating meat at about the age of six weeks but continue to nurse until they are 6-7 months old and remain dependant on their mother for up to two years


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    absolutely precious!!! <3

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    They are so beautiful. I pray that they stay safe & healthy. And live a long long time. Thank you for sharing this.

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