This is a story of resilience, of finding strength in your roots.

These are the words of Cloud Moves Away, elder among the Anishinaabe people, who have survived generations of injustice.

Through a childhood of state-sponsored indoctrination, fear, and shame, this man rediscovered the strength of his ancestors. He now teaches others - both Anishinaabe and otherwise - to find themselves by walking the old road and the new.

Aboriginal peoples in Canada, or Aboriginal Canadians, are the indigenous peoples within the boundaries of present-day Canada. They comprise the First Nations,Inuit and Métis.

As of the 2011 census, Aboriginal peoples in Canada totaled 1,400,685 people, or 4.3% of the national population, spread over 600 recognized First Nations governments or bands with distinctive cultures, languages, art, and music. First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples of all backgrounds have become prominent figures and have served as role models in the Aboriginal community and help to shape the Canadian cultural identity.
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