"A symphony of howls from all 7 of the wolves." It's absolutely remarkable to behold, if a little chilling.

Wolves have all sorts of tricks in their vocal repertoire (they can yelp, growl, whine and whimper) but it’s the howl that’s their signature sound.

The howl of the wolf can be heard from miles around. It is the trademark by which these very animals are known. A wolf may howl for a variety of reasons but the main one involves being able to identify where the rest of the pack it belongs to happens to be.

These howls can also be identified as a way to warn other packs in the area that they are stepping into territory that has already been claimed by another.Howls play a key role in a wolf pack. Some experts have suggested that the vocalization strengthens the bonds of the group, and chorus howls can end feuds between wolves, according to the PBS show Nova.

Although to the untrained human ear all the howls may sound alike, each wolf has its own individual sound which allows pack mates identify one another.


Responses to "Hauntingly beautiful video shows pack of 7 Polar Wolves howling in perfect unison "

  1. Looks like they may be teaching one or two of them to me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    These are truly the most magnificent animals - I have a special affinity for wolves, then again, I am in awe of all animals....

  3. Nature's symphony

  4. Anonymous says:

    i love them i have two of my own

  5. Anonymous says:

    Surprised a little @ the high vocal range maintained by all.
    Mine usually had a bass to high range in their howls like singing a scale going up & down, one coming back in w/ a bass when another was high pitched & producing a building interwoven howl

  6. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful symphony! :o)

  7. Anita Froman Hoppe says:

    I have always been in awe of Wolves, the nature of how they treat each other, & now especially hearing this beautiful sounding music of this video of 7 Arctic white wolves vocalizing together... !!!

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