This 3-day-old miniature horse knows that humans give out the best pats — and he is determined to have his ears scratched.

The little foal chases his owner around his pen, which is no easy feat for such a small fellow! Thankfully, he gets enough pats to satisfy him.

How is it possible that such a tiny and adorable creature exists? Who knows! Let us simply bask in his cuteness and be thankful for it.

Miniature horses are said to date back to the 1600s in Europe, where some were bred as pets for members of the nobility class, while others were sent to work in the coal mines, according to the International Museum of the Horse, in Lexington, Kentucky.

This little one just seems content to prance around, living its best mini horse life.

Miniature horses are friendly and interact well with people. For this reason they are often kept as family pets, though they still retain natural horse behavior, including a natural fight or flight instinct, and must be treated like an equine, even if they primarily serve as a companion animal. They are also trained as service animals, akin to assistance dogs for people with disabilities.

Responses to "This Baby Mini Horse Have the Time of Its Life Chasing People Around"

  1. mintymo says:

    That is sooooo cute <3 it Thank you x

  2. Nature is LOVE !
    LOVE comes in all shapes, colors and sizes 😚💙💖💜💛💚

  3. That lil' foal has the perfect quality to make him a service horse for the disabled!

  4. Fawzea says:

    As a service horse for a disabled child...Rainbosw For them Both <3

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