In a remarkable tale of love and loyalty between two pets, a trapped dog has been found alive a week after going missing — all thanks to the tireless dedication of her faithful friend who refused to leave her behind.

Thanks to a loyal setter and a group of volunteers, two dogs were found safe after a week lost in the woods in Washington state.

Tillie, the setter, stayed with her doggie friend Phoebe for a week. She left each day to go find help. Phoebe a basset hound, was trapped in a concrete cistern in a ravine where Tillie stood guard.

The nonprofit animal rescue organization Vashon Island Pet Protectors had posted photos of the dogs on their Facebook page, hoping someone would spot them. On Sept. 14, they received a call saying that while they were out on their property, a "reddish" dog had come up to them a few times, before promptly heading back into a ravine.

Based on the tip, volunteers made their way into the ravine, said Amy Carey with VIPP. After a bit of searching, the volunteers heard a small one-woof response when they called out to Tillie.

A few minutes later they found her lying beside the old cistern with her head resting on the concrete wall. "They knew that meant Phoebe was inside the cistern. Every breath was held and every doggie prayer offered that the peek over the rim would somehow find her safe," Carey said. Both dogs were cold and hungry but are doing well.

Carey reminds people who lose their dogs to keep looking. "Hope is an awfully hard thing to keep open and alive in the face of heartbreak, but it so important for happy endings for missing pets - or even for unhappy endings with closure," she said.

UPDATE: A dog named Tillie, who saved the life of her friend after a week-long ordeal, has been awarded one of her state's top honors. On Thursday, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee declared the sweet Irish setter-spaniel mix "Washingtonian of the Day" in recognition of her remarkable show of love. "I urge everyone in Washington to celebrate the bravery and loyalty of this canine hero," said Inslee, while Tillie smiled at his feet.


Responses to "Loyal Dog Stays By Trapped Friend's Side For A Week Until Help Arrives "

  1. Unknown says:

    dogs are more caring than people

  2. Tianithen says:

    roofdog13, that is far to general a statement to be true, some dogs are more caring than some people but some people are more caring than some dogs. If your friend was trapped somewhere would you not go and look for help? And would you not return and stay by them when you couldn't look for help? That is exactly what this dog did.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This world would would be a much colder and lonelier place if it weren't for our animals. They teach us so many important things, like forgiveness, love, loyalty and they give us a shoulder to cry on when we need it. And they teach us about death. They remind us that midst all the pain and horror of how we live today there still exists their simple love.

  4. Unknown says:

    Great story!!

  5. Dog Names says:

    This proves that dog is the best companion!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Jay Inslee should still be our president. Thanks to all who helped find the doggies safe!

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