Thirteen years ago, Wendi was a young orphan found totally alone in the wild lands of Kenya by her rescuers.

 Now, after being raised by the kind people at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) Orphan's Project, she has a family.

Wendi, who has been living with a herd in Kenya's Tsavo National Parks, arrived earlier this week at DSWT with a surprise: A daughter, just a few hours old. Wendi had brought her baby to visit with the people who, 13 years ago, saved her life.

Wendi's former keepers watched as the little girl clumsily tried out her first steps.

Wendi's story shows how elephant orphans can survive tragic losses ... and go on to live healthy lives in the wild. "Wendi surviving was a miracle," DSWT wrote of Wendi's plight. Now she has a tiny miracle of her own.


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