Imogen the Koala is fast becoming a furry film star whose only character seems to be cute.

Her latest video starts out normally enough as she shows off her climbing skills in her new home at Symbio Wildlife Park. But all of a sudden, in quite a burst of speed, she heads for a cameraman, causing him to back up quickly.

With Imogen in hot pursuit, he eventually he gives in to the cute, furry koala and she promptly gets up close and personal.

In a matter of seconds, she leaps up his leg and, using his clothes for a bit of grip, climbs up the cameraman's shorts and shirt, before snuggling her head into his armpit.

The cameraman - who happens to be Symbio Wildlife Park's stuff Kevin Fallon holds his camera up above his head to help provide a better view of Imogen's friendly antics as she pokes her nose into his face and seems to sniff his armpit.


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