The slightest fright will send Presley, the 6ft-tall Great Dane, running for a reassuring cuddle

 They are amongst the most magnificent of beasts; majestic, imposing and somewhat terrifying. But it turns out Presley the Great Dane is more Scooby Doo than Hound of the Baskervilles.

For not only does he shy away from dogs that are smaller than him, but to his owner’s despair he startles at the slightest noise. Presley cowers at the carpet hoover, quivers at fluttering plastic bags and hides from Highland Terriers. Which is a bit embarrassing really, especially for an animal standing 6ft on its hind legs.

"Presley is definitely a real-life Scooby Doo,” said his owner, Sian Barrett, a pet store owner from the West Midlands. “He is afraid of everything. He is always getting scared off by smaller dogs and I've had to start hiding the plastic bags from him because he's afraid.

"There was a time recently that I was walking Presley in the park and he got scared off by a West Highland Terrier, which is tiny compared to him. "Presley wouldn't come back out until the other dog had gone and he knew he was safe. His temper doesn't match his size at all - he's 38 inches at the shoulder, but scared of anything."

Ms Barrett, 47, from Oldbury, is convinced that Presley - who weighs in at hefty 13.5st – is so timid because she raised him from birth and he has come to regard her as a protective mother-figure.

Responses to "Meet The Real-life Scooby Doo Who's Scared Of Everything"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Scarred cat or not, what a magnificent looking dog.

  2. Unknown says:

    lol too adorable ty so much for sharing love the pics

  3. Unknown says:

    He's enormously handsome <3

  4. Unknown says:


  5. Unknown says:

    Too Cute!

  6. Lenita says:

    U've got to teach him confidence! Feed him with a bag beside! Make him associate small dogs with great snacks! :) Many ways to do this!
    Getting another dog may help! He doesn't seem to know he is a dog!

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