This striking video shows the moment a rare albino deer is captured on camera as it strolls around a park in Minnesota.

The deer was spotted by an amateur wildlife photographer in Father Hennepin State Park located on the southeast corner of Mille Lacs Lake.

And the stark white animal is such a rare deer that some experts suggest that only one in 20,000 are born. The photographer told : 'We occasionally drive through the park after work in hopes of seeing a white deer.

It can be difficult to spot a white deer when there is heavy snow, and even more rare to see an albino deer in the wild. Sadly, the beautiful animals rarely live to adulthood because predators can spot them so easily, making them easy prey.

They also suffer from very poor eyesight.The animals are typically identified by their pink nose and eyes–the result of blood vessels showing through the skin and clear lens of the eyes. Deer that have normal eyes and nose but a white coat color are referred to as 'white deer.'


Responses to "Rare white 'albino' deer is caught on camera roaming around a park in Minnesota"

  1. Beautiful!! Hope it's in a protected area!!

  2. pilvikki says:

    predators.... like POS humans...

    lovely, aren't they? and even if not in summer, it's a good colour in winter.

  3. Unknown says:

    She has two lovely yearlings with her, so at least she is treated like normal by the rest of the herd.

  4. Unknown says:

    Come to think of it, they always say that Albinos cannot reproduce and her nose is very black. I don't think she is an albino.

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