An Arctic fox emerges from the mist. Apart from its nose and eyes, it is barely visible against the snowy backdrop. The award-winning images was one of many captured by British photographer Anna Henly at the Seal River, in Manitoba, Canada.

 She flew to the remote region with photographer and biologist Matthias Breiter hoping to see polar bears. Instead they were greeted by a group of inquisitive Arctic foxes, and she spent 10 days photographing them.

"They are very curious animals and were coming up to investigate us," said Anna. "They are scavengers and so they were looking for anything they can eat or were squabbling with each other over any food."

She said: "There was quite a lot of interaction. You felt they were interested in you as much as you were interested in them.

She added: "It was definitely a highlight of my life. It was wonderful being somewhere so remote - it was true wilderness."

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