Collection of outstanding wildlife photography by Maxime Riendeau

From moose to humpback whale, Canada goose to great blue heron, more than 650 types of vertebrate—including 90 mammal and 300 bird species—inhabit Québec’s carefully preserved territory.

 Many can be seen in the wilderness or glimpsed by chance during nature walks. This applies equally to migratory birds, land mammals—including cervids (white-tailed deer, moose, caribou), bears and beavers—and marine mammals like the many whales that call the St. Lawrence estuary home.

The large land wildlife is mainly composed of the white-tailed deer, the moose, the muskox, the Caribou, the American black bear and the polar bear. The average land wildlife includes the cougar, the coyote, the Eastern wolf, the bobcat (wild cat), the Arctic fox, the Fox, etc. The small animals seen most commonly include the Eastern grey squirrel, the snowshoe hare, the Groundhog, the Skunk, the raccoon, the chipmunk and the Canadian beaver.

The name "Québec", which comes from the Algonquin word kébec meaning "where the river narrows", originally referred to the area around Quebec City where the Saint Lawrence River narrows to a cliff-lined gap.

PHOTOS SOURCE Maxime Riendeau (Visit Website)

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